I am super excited to be part of a project that is so thought provoking and refreshing.

This is a photographic project that explores Indian women in modern day Black Country through the lens of four female photographers from the UK and India. What it is like to be a Punjabi female in 2017. It will be portraits with text.

This is a project with Multi-storey creative Black Country and Delhi Photo Festival.

The amazing Jocelyn will be exploring my journey and my life. I know Jocelyn will be very creative. I like to be different and not be the same as everyone else. My story is very important to me, and sometimes it is hard to talk about but you learn like everyone else. Part of my life story will be portrayed in photographs’s its scary but so interesting at the same time.

I have looked through the photo’s from Jocelyn and she is just great, thinks out of the box, which to me shows her drive and passion. I am so happy to be part of this and its so thrilling! I don’t usually look good in photo’s but i know Jocelyn will do it justice!!

The amazing Jocelyn and myself discussing project details

I cant wait to keep you guys posted on the project!

Go and check out Jocelyn on Instagram she will amaze you with her talent!

I really hope you love the project.. More details coming soon………..


Ceese xx

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