Just Say It How It Is Tubsy!

Tubsy and me with my Instaframe! Just Say It How It Is!

I am so happy to announce my heartfelt interview with Tubsy. When he finally turned up as his time keeping skills aren’t very good hahaha! He knows what im talking about!

I have known Tubsy for a while now and many people around the world know him as the famous dholki player! Tubsy played from the age of 6 years old when i was still trying to read haha and causing mischief.

Tubsy comes from a family of musicians his father Pakhar Singh was a dhadhi, playing the dhad sarangi. His elder brother Sital Singh had played on AS Kang Giddhian Di Rani. Which to this day is still played at parties and wedding’s and is one of my favourite songs!! Sital is a very highly regarded dholak player and was also one of the 1st dhol players in the midlands as he started a bhangra group called the Saathies.

But what others didn’t know was his inner battle with alcohol. The demons he was fighting everyday. I sat and spoke to Tubsy about his journey and how this all happened.

Myself and Tubsy, after 2 and half hours of talking

Tubsy was very straight to the point in his interview with myself and said it how it is. Which is exactly what my blog is about! His story is very inspirational but very sad at times. It was a roll-coaster of emotions in this interview, and that was just me! Tubsy spoke so highly of his father Pakhar Singh who he states was the real reason why he is still here. His account of how much his father cared about him was amazing.  I really hope it hit home to others as it did for myself who read the interview.  How precious parents are. Also his children who are his pride and joy and his love of the Dholki!

Now i don’t want to write to much but everything is in my next blog post about his journey. So please take the time to read it

Some issues certainly alcoholism is a taboo subject in our communities but we still need to raise the awareness. We still need to talk about it and the impact it does and still has. I have personally seen what Alcohol can do to someone and the damage it brings. But saying that it takes a certain inner strength when someone knows they have a problem and does something about it! This is what Tubsy did and is still doing.

Please checkout my next blog!

Tubsy in his element!

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