Really You Are Listening To Me?

This is so true
What I have learnt is that no one really supports you. Sometimes people say we really support what you do but don’t actually mean it. This rings very true to me. You may start a new venture and you start telling people about it. Then you see the look in their eyes and you know they aren’t listening. There is no interest.  You try and explain your venture and you are excited but people just bring you down. You actually feel like you are talking to yourself.

Why can’t people support each other? Why can’t people empower each other instead of bitching about it? 

There should be a level of respect for people’s work and feeling’s. 

I mean recently I told two people about my blog and I  mean close people. Their responses were just classic!

Me: Oh so did you read my blog?

Person A: Oh yes i have skim read it.

Me: So you didn’t read the whole thing like the articles I actually wrote? What part did you like

Person A: Oh no not all of it, I don’t really like reading and i can’t remember all the parts!

Next one:

Me: I’m so happy that i started my blog

Person B: Yeah yeah that’s good.

Me: You haven’t even asked about it or what I’m doing

Person B: I don’t even know what a blog is.

Me: Do you want the address so you can read it?

Person B: No i’m busy

I mean if that’s the response you get sometimes you do get disheartened. You just want to give up and not carry on. I remember coming away from both of those conversations feeling so shit but I had a rant with my best friend and I did feel a bit better. But what I have learnt is no one will do it for you. No one will push you only you can do that. Trust me I have had comments made to me about what i’m doing.  Certain comments such as “What will you get out of it” “Do you get paid” I mean really?! That’s just a few!

I’m lucky I am thick skinned and don’t get to upset easily.

What people forget is that a bit of support goes a long way and it encourages that person to achieve more.

Whatever you do in life do it for you and no one else. Sometimes achieving something you have started all by yourself without any help is such a great satisfaction.  It may not be perfect but it’s going in the right direction and that’s the main thing. 

I started this blog to express my myself and i’m on adventure as i don’t know what will be next for me! I’ve always been independent and I learnt to be at a young age.

A Bit of Advise: When you are feeling crap just have a rant with your girlfriends and you will feel better just let it out!

Just keep going and just don’t let the haters bring you down!

There’s a saying People who wander aren’t always lost

I saw this one day in a shop I visited and every time i look at it, it stays with me!

Ceese xx


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