“The Launch Of The Guru Nanak Dev Ji Langar Bus This Will Go All Around The UK To Feed The Homeless” MLSS Team

Honour to be invited to such a brilliant event!

Everyone knows I have a huge soft spot for MLSS with the work they do. I am so proud of the guys who put their heart and soul into Seva. These are the unsung heroes for me. 

These cupcakes were delicious!

On the 4th November 2017 I was invited to attend the Midland Langar Seva Society’s annual dinner. I also knew that this was a very important day for us Sikh’s. It was Gurpurab, meaning it was Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday. Our first Guru the founder of Sikhi. 

The bus is incredibly special and not only does it say “Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Langar Bus” But the bus can be seen for its boldness. What also makes it special that our Guru made this beautiful opportunity happen and the launch to happen on this auspicious day.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Langar Bus
The Guru Nanak Dev Ji Bus with the MLSS Logo on the back!

The bus will be going around the UK and it will be for feeding the homeless. It will be parked at the locations for the feeds and it’s a safe place for them to eat and drink. The doors will be open where they can come inside and no matter what the weather conditions are. They can enjoy a hot meal and a hot drink. 

What can I say about the event it was just amazing, made my heart burst! The atmosphere was just incredible the amount of people who came and showed their support was just so endearing. I remember looking over and seeing people everywhere. It was brilliant. MLSS are a huge family. I was meeting people and engaging with the volunteers. 

This was a different annual dinner there was no dancing this was purely about the seva and the volunteers who have shaped MLSS. I really loved that. There was a great Piano player called “Ivory Keys” who set the tone for the event so nicely. 

 I’m a huge fan of Annette Badland who used to play Babe on Eastenders. I mean who doesn’t love Eastenders!  Annette was the host for the evening and what a great host she was!! She was engaging, helpful and a clear crowd pleaser and its nice to see such a mainstream actress care so much about what MLSS do. 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

Annette Badland, the host of the Annual Dinner for MLSS

Also the legend Sukhshinder Shinda came to show his support for MLSS and he was just incredible also. I grew up listening to him so it was great to hear him sing. Below is a short clip!

Whilst I was sat down and was looking around the room I felt such an emotion when each volunteer came on to talk about their stories in regards on why they volunteer with MLSS and what it means to them. It sent a shiver down my spine as these people are normal human beings but Seva is so important to these individuals and more of us should think about doing more for our communities. I remember I had an urge to film short clips of the volunteers speaking. Some may not be very good due to a lot happening around me but the message is quite clear. But hearing Randhir Singh Heer and Parmjit Singh always blows me away. Now I should be used to them talking as we have sat and wrote blogs together, but something always happens to me when I hear them I get a huge sense of emotion and its a happy one as my dear brothers are really the unsung heroes including their volunteers. Below is the video of them talking about their MLSS journey! So happy that Annette read my blog on Parmjit’s life. (Thank you Annette)

The most special part for me personally were the children volunteers. I cannot believe how much the children love doing seva and you can feel that when they were giving their speeches. Some children wrote beautiful poems about their experiences and for me that really made feel so emotional. These are children are learning what seva is. Why do they do Seva? I mean that is all because of MLSS and their parents who have given them the opportunity to help with the feeds. One poem below has touched my heart. We forget how much MLSS is impacting on us all. These children were not told what to say they wrote everything in their own words. For me that made more real.  As its coming from their eyes and hearts.

I wanted to show a few clips from the volunteers from all around the UK but MLSS isnt just in the UK its in Delhi India also. I cannot tell you how proud I was sitting there and listening to MLSS journey. 

If I were to ask you to name a charity, which charity springs to mind? I imagine most of you would say a household name such as Unicef or NSPCC.  But MLSS has now become a household name. Small charities are at the heart of our communities and work tirelessly to support those who need it most. The secret to the success of small charities is the passion of the CEO’s who believe in what they do and their resilience and their ability to adapt. Smaller charities are surprisingly good at doing a lot with very little. Also the volunteers they are also the heart of the work. Despite this, they still need help. That’s where volunteers and sponsors come in.

The MLSS team did a timeline on how MLSS all started and this was insightful and you heard from teams and about their thoughts and feelings. The timeline was excellent and showed how much they have achieved and still doing now. Its a very creative idea to showcase their achievements.

MLSS Timeline

The first video is Bhupinder Singh Heer (Popsy) Randhir’s brother who I think look like twins. 

The next clip is by Hari Hayer from the Birmingham Team

The next clip are the Plymouth Team. Saranjeet Kaur and Chaz Singh my dear friends. Great people!

The next clips are from the team who went out to Greece with the MLSS team and this really got to me. The lady was very emotional. Her voice was breaking due to going out and doing seva with them. I mean she wasn’t well on the day but, her speech blew me away. It was very sad to hear what the children were put through over there. I now it isn’t just Greece its all different countries. But it brings back home to you on how lucky we are. MLSS team do so much have a listen to this. 

This next clip is from Home serve. Brilliant speech!

Next clip is from TSB- Pride of Britain 

Next clip is the Northampton Team, the lovely Indi Kaur Jutla giving her speech on why she volunteers and how it began.

Also the Coventry Team. Another great speech their were personal reason’s on why he chose MLSS. Have a listen.

The next clip is from Ajji Singh another MLSS volunteer.

The next clip is from the team in Huddersfield.

Next clip is from the London Team. This is so inspiring as this teacher from London has inspired her school kids to go out and feed the homeless. The kids would sit and talk to them like they are human beings. This is very incredible!

The final clip I wanted to share was a beautiful poem written by a young girl who is a MLSS volunteer who also shared her experiences. 

This whole event was very special and I keep talking about it. But it’s because it’s true. I have been to the Homeless feeds myself with my Police Association. Unless you have experienced what MLSS do, you just can’t imagine what you will see or feel unless you come down and do Seva. I am one of the privileged ones as I have seen first hand what they do. It’s a huge family. They all take care of each other. They pull together when one is down. Its more than a team. They do it for everyone not people who are just Sikh. 

I mean MLSS have support from Homeserve who also go out and feed the homeless, but they also did a sleep over in Birmingham in the cold to put themselves in the victims shoes. They have given overwhelming support. This stretched even to directors its just brilliant.  The MLSS volunteers who work there are known as the “Magnificent Seven” I know why they are called that. I’m sure everyone knows why also. 

MLSS are such humble human being’s and anyone who speaks to them it touches your heart and it makes you want to do more. They are not nobody’s!  It makes me feel that way. The event made me want to write about this and what I thought and felt. I took my partner who is a serving Sikh soldier in the British Army and I took him for one reason only and that was, he has never seen anything like this before and he has never done or attended a homeless feed. I wanted to show him who MLSS are first hand at the event. I mean he has done Seva but only at a Gurdwara so this really opened his eyes on the lengths MLSS go to help others. I looked at him when volunteers were speaking and I could see his emotion on how much they do. This has led him to want to get the army involved for homeless feeds in the future. So MLSS really does have such a massive impact on so many people. I may come across as biased as I love what these guys do and I write blogs about them. But for me personally I write about them from the heart and what I write is the truth. They do all the hard work. They are out there all the time. 

Parmjit Singh even got me to do a interview with Sikh Channel for my blogs so that was a huge surprise! I was not expecting to get pulled up like that! It was a great experience. Sukhi Kaur was the Sikh Channel host and she is amazing on what she does. Such a lovely and bubbly person. She didn’t have to interview me but she did. Amazing woman!

Also the last part of the event was Co Founder’s Randhir Singh Heer and Parmjit Singh gave out certificates to the kids! Which was such a personal touch. I loved it! 

Please show your support with MLSS by sharing this blog with your friends and family. This is all their hard work. I really hope more people go out and do Seva and help MLSS and the people who need them the most.  Randhir and Parmjit always thank their volunteers. As they say MLSS is just a name its about the Seva.  I am hugely proud of them.

I hope you read this blog and mainly watch the video’s about the MLSS volunteers and really listen to their stories. Really capture that moment when they are talking. It is an event I won’t forget for a long time. I will continue to blog about them as their hard work needs to be raised and to be shouted about! Think about being compassionate, sympathetic and show concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Think about that when you walk past someone that is homeless. Think that could be you. Think how would I feel if people walked past me like I’m invisible. Compassion involves allowing ourselves to be moved by suffering, and experiencing the motivation to help to prevent it. Acts of compassion is defined by being helpful. Qualities of compassion are patience, kindness, not being judgemental and perseverance and being caring.

Below are some photo’s of myself at the event. Please share and support MLSS!

Myself, Parmjit Singh and Harvy Rai from our Police Sikh Association! Check out the number plate for the Langar Bus!!

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