“When I Started The Fitness It Was Bani That Made Me Connect To My Inner Strength” Gurpreet Kaur AKA Fitness Kaur

The One and Only Gurpeet Kaur AKA Fitness Kaur

Who is Gurpreet

Oh wow! I have never thought about that before (laughing) I would describe myself as odd. I’m not the type of person who does normal things. Anything anyone does that is quite normal I will do the opposite of that. Like most people drive a car but I ride a motorbike! I’m nuts! I like doing different things. I am very active also. My family think I’m crazy and I’m the laughter in the house and I get that from my parents. 


Before your fitness journey what was you doing? 

I was at University studying Criminology. Obviously before that I was at sixth form. Whilst I was there people were saying you can’t do certain things. I was like you can’t tell me what to do. For example I wanted to join the police. But that will be at later date. People would say as I’m small the robbers will throw me here and there. (laughing) One day at sixth form there was a massive pool table and they were all sitting on there, and I decided to pick it and no one thought I could. But guess what? I did. The same people couldn’t lift it up. I couldn’t believe that I could do it either but I did. 


You ride a motorbike as you want to be different is that correct?

Gurpreet and her Motorbike

Yes! I really wanted to ride a motorbike and it was a passion. I remember going to the motorbike show at the NEC and that’s where my love began. I ended up buying it out of the blue. It’s unique. My mum at first was a bit sceptical but she was fine after and so was my dad. 


Who is your role model and inspiration?

Gurpreets role models and inspiration are her family.

I have to say my family because without my family I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. They are so supportive and push me to be better. My dad has always said no matter what you do I will support you. There are a few people I look up too also such as Kaur Strength and Azaad. I used to watch what they do as they are very inspiring. I really look up to them. I even asked for tips from them. 


Why the name Fitness Kaur?

I wanted something catchy and stick to our background. I really liked the name Fitness Kaur. It was relatable to what I was doing.


How did your Fitness Journey begin?

From watching video’s in regards to fitness. Then I started weight training I did that for 1 year. I have now progressed to calisthenics and have been doing this for 4 years now. Its something unique and in our community no one really does this. It helps with everything with your strength, your mobility and even your mind. I really want more people to do this as a lot of people do weight training and not this.


When you are putting your fitness video’s on Social Media, one thing stands out you always play Kirtan in the background. Does this motivate you more?

Yes it does definitely! When I started the fitness it was Bani that made me connect to my inner strength and I was learning Bani whilst I was doing this. When you start listening to it you start researching it. I automatically put it on. It’s a huge motivation. 


Which Kirtan motivates you more would you say or listen to more?

I would say Arti now. It has stuck with me. I listen to this 24/7 ever since I came back from India.  But whilst I was in India there was one Kirtan that stuck in my mind and heart. It was at Baba Bakala Sahib. Its called Sun Jeeva Teri Bani. I took a short clip whilst I was there. 


You took Amrit about 2 years ago now, what was your reason to take Amrit? 


I have always deep down wanted too. But my parents thought I was a bit young and told me to wait. But we went to Amritsar to as my cousin had an Akhand Path at Harmandir Sahib. This was April 2015. One day we was outside Darbar Sahib. I asked my Bibi (gran) why is there people sitting there and waiting. My Bibi stated people were taking Amrit today. I felt something inside and I thought I am taking Amrit today. That was it. I was in the queue for over 2 hours. Then when I got inside it was another 6 hours. There was over 1000 people there. When I came out, you can feel it I cannot describe it but I felt it.


How old was you when you took Amrit?

I was 20 at the time. But my brother who was 15 at the time he took it with me. He is 17 now. 


Your parents also took Amrit but further on didn’t they?

Yes. They took it 2 month’s down the line. When we got home, my mum was upset that we took without them and not together. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be blessed with Amrit especially at Harmandir Sahib. Then in July 2015 my parents took it. My dad was like one day we are going to do this. This was my second proudest moment when my parents took Amrit. I mean it’s such a blessing. That was done at Soho Road Gurdwara. 


What was your main struggle after taking Amrit?

I think because we were raised with Sikhi and my dad was a huge influence on that. I didn’t really have many struggles. Wearing a Patka for the first time and then learning how to tie a Dastaar. As you can get stressed in trying to get it right. But other than that no other struggles. Even with food we was vegetarian already. So I was okay.


Has Sikhi helped you in your fitness?

Yes most definitely.  Without my Sikhi there would be no fitness. My strength comes from Gurbani. I just believe I’d have no fitness. Its made me more closer to Gurbani. 


Did your friends and family support going through your fitness journey?

Yes. At the beginning my dad was like don’t lift too much you are already small (laughing) But they are a massive support. My Babaji when I came in the newspaper Times Of India he cut the article out of the paper. He would tell and show his friends. They are my strength. My family is always there to support me. 

In terms of friends the friends I did have were into the clubbing and I wasn’t. I just dropped those friends and if we see each other we will say hi. I have nothing against it. But my lifestyle is different including my fitness. 


Is your diet really important whilst training?

Yes it is. But I eat normally. All you need to do is portion control. Don’t put oil use the sunflower spray as its more healthy. We get a lot of protein in our greens.


When you need to eat some junk food what do you like to have?


Everything (laughing) You can’t beat a Mr Singh’s. Its hard not to eat their waffles. They are just amazing. I love their curly fries.


How do you make exercise look so easy it’s like you are made out of elastic?

Some people give up straight away when your body hurts. But you have to push your body to its limits. When I was doing my hand stands it took me a long time to get it right. Things hurt but you push through it. It’s just the pain and people don’t like pain. 


What exercise that you have done is the hardest?

The human flag on the lamp-post one. I still find it hard today. You have to train those muscles. It’s all in the mind. It took me 2 years to get it all right. But 6 months to get the basics. People think that as I’m small its easy. But it’s not you have to lift your whole body. People don’t understand that.


You met Jagraj Singh from Basic Of Sikhi who sadly passed away and you taught him some exercise moves how was that?

I went to the Vaisakhi event and Jagraj Singh he approached me and asked would you like to make a video. I was like yeah its Jagraj Singh. I mean he taught me so much and that will stay with me forever. I showed him what I do to train and he showed me what he did in the Army. He was showing me 10 minute planks. He was a great role model and he is still around in his charity Basic Of Sikhi. 


You also help with the Sikhi Camps how was that?

Yes it was a great experience. I’m not someone who is that great in speaking in front of people. But it helped me with the confidence side of myself. It was good teaching the kids about fitness and putting that with Sikhi. The camp ages were 5-10 years old. I have been asked by schools and Gurdwara’s. I will definitely do it again. One time it was raining and there was 300 children with me and it was fun as it was raining outside. But they loved it. 

You also did the wolf run with your Seva Sisters for memory of Jagraj Singh what made you decide to do this?

When I found Jagraj Singh had passed away i was taken back how that could happen to someone so healthy. I then thought he did so much for the Panth. Lets do something for him. Then we decided to do the wolf run to stay healthy and raise money. We raised over £2000. 

You have a massive following on Social Media, are you aware of this?

Yes it has grown over the years. When I started to do interviews with newspapers my following grew. Also it’s word of mouth and people talk so that helped me as well. I’m happy that I’m making an impact and people are watching my video’s. 


I love your instagram stories of your little brother does your siblings realise what a great inspiration and role model they have in their older sister?

They love joining in on my exercises. He loves getting involved. But they all do. I don’t think I am an inspiration I can only guide them in the right way. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. My sister’s friends all know who I am as when I pick her from school they all say hi (laughing) Apparently they watch my video’s also. My brother who is 17 he is training. My parents are also trying so that’s really good as well. 


Have you ever received any negativity via social media regarding your fitness?

Yes all the time. Especially when I’m listening to Gurbani whilst training. I don’t understand it. It’s like I should be listening to bhangra music and then it’s okay. People used to say that I was a man as I had muscles. Now it’s slowly getting better. 


Some people think as you are female and lifting weights you shouldn’t be as it’s a mans sport. Do you agree?

Yes. They think as I’m an Asian female I shouldn’t be doing this. Especially with my followers from India they think I should be cooking and not doing fitness. I just ignore it now. 


You also was voted Top 10 of the most inspirational Sikh Women how did that make you feel?

I was really surprised. I wasn’t expecting that. But when it did sink in I felt really blessed and proud to share this platform with my extraordinary and inspirational sisters.


What does your Dastaar mean to you?


It means we are one of a kind. When I walk out of the house I feel proud. It makes me happy that I stand out.  My Dastaar is my pride anywhere I go I walk out with my head held high and makes me feel like a queen. Why fit in when we’re born to stand out. Our Dastaar is a gift from our Guru Ji and makes me really proud to wear it 


Also you took part in Ninja Warrior UK how did that happen?

I saw this advert for ninja warrior and thought I’d give it a go and sign up, so signed up through ITV and then few months later I got a call saying I got an audition, then at the audition you have to do little course’s that would test your ability balance, endurance, strength etc. 

If you’re successful you’ll get another call for filming. Then I got that call. Out of a couple of thousand only 200 get picked to appear on the show. The show involves obstacles that test all your abilities and once you’ve done that you got to the next level. It was fun. 


What’s your biggest achievement?


Being blessed with Amrit. Also my whole family have taken Amrit also. If you take Amrit you have to commit to it and with a full heart. 


What advice would you give to anyone who wants to get into fitness?

Start slow and build it up. I have 3 things I used to do as a basic. Push ups, Dips and Sit ups and they helped with strength. If you can’t do a push up start on your knee’s. Just don’t give up just because of the pain keep going. 


Whats next for Fitness Kaur?

Well you have to keep watching. I’m doing a Personal Training Course at the moment. I want to travel. India would be my first stop as it’s where my heart is. I want more females to take part and not be scared. That’s my aim. 


Please show some love and support to Gurpreet kaur she is such a lovely person inside and out. Bless her when we met she was getting over a cold. She is a brilliant role model to a lot of people But she is humble with it. Please show some support!

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