“As A Personal Trainer My job Is To Make Sure My Clients Achieve Their Goals” Narinder Hayer Personal Trainer.

Just Say It How It Is

Who is Narinder?

I would describe myself as a funny, down to earth person with a heart of gold. I will always help anyone if there they need any support. I work really hard in life to achieve my goals. I love a challenge. I am a very motivated person and my biggest asset is my smile. I never stop smiling and laughing. Life is too short. I am a very strong woman. I believe what the boys can do girls can do better that is my favourite motto. I am a very happy person.

What is your day job?


At the moment my day job is a mix of personal training clients to life coaching, counselling to teaching classes. I am focusing on my health & fitness job at the moment .

Before the world of fitness what was you doing?

I have always been into my fitness as I started at a young age. I am qualified in law accountancy, life coaching ,counselling and a motivational speaker and so much more. I have 20 years of qualifications under my belt. Difficult to say what I was before fitness as I started so young.

Who are your role models? 

My role models are my parents. They taught me to be the best in myself. They showed me to work hard in life. I remember asking my dad that i wanted to go into fitness and my dad said go and show the boys what a girl can do. It took me 20 years but i showed them what a girl could do. Made my family so proud.

How did you get  into fitness?

I just loved fitness since I was a young girl. I used to look at the fitness magazines and wanted to be a strong motivational girl in fitness.

You became the first Asian female to break barriers in fitness. Tell more.


I became the 1st UK girl who broke the Asian fitness barriers in UK being in the industry 20 years ago it was an Asian boy thing to do not a girls job. I am so proud what i achieved. It was hard but did it. I was the first Personal trainer to introduce insanity Live to Wolverhampton at a local gym. It came in the Express and Star.  It came in the des pardes and then i ended up on K – TV for an  interview. I was then offered by own fitness show on K – TV that i do each week.

Have your Friends and Family been supportive over your chosen career?

Yes friends and family have always been very supportive in my career. They know it’s my life and passion. My family are my rock.

You broke the Guinness Book of records. Tell us more.

I broke the Guinness world record with Anthony Joshua and Lucozade Fit water in April this year and 499 other boxercise instructors. I am a boxercise instructor and we were asked if  we wanted to be part of the special day. I really enjoyed the day and I was so proud of myself. I never ever thought i would help break a world record with other boxercise instructors. I enjoy a challenge and wanted to be part of it.

You are a Fitness presenter also?

I am a fitness presenter on K – TV Asian show. I like to say thank you to them for giving me this opportunity. I love my job.

So as a personal trainer what do you do?

As a personal trainer my job is to make sure my clients achieve there goals. Myself and my client work as a team. I am life coach and counsellor so I bring all that into my personal training. I want to know how my clients feel, if they have a bad day. It is not just about fitness its about making the client feel amazing inside and the outside. Your clients make the PT when they achieve their goals. I always feel happy and proud when my clients look good. 

Is it hard being a Female in Fitness? 

Yes it is not easy being female. It is a very competitive area. I enjoy a challenge and try and be the best i can be.

Have you received any negativity?  

Yes I received a lot of negativity and still do but I just ignore it. I am a very positive person so I ignore negative comments and negative people.

Do you offer private classes for people who do not want train with others? 

Yes I offer private PT or private classes because there are a lot of people who don’t have the confidence to come to a gym. I do home visits. I worked 20 years i have trained celebs, models, newsreader and everyone. As a Persona trainer my job is to cater for everyone.

What else do you have lined up?

I will be a speaker for a women empowerment event being held this year. I feel so honoured and so proud to share the stand with other motivational, inspiring women. I am excited to share my life story with other women to let them know if i can do it, you can. I want to inspire other women to be the best they can.

Any advice you can give to anyone wanting to get into Fitness?

The advice I will give someone who wants to go into fitness is just do it. .Be the best you can be in yourself. Work hard and never give up trying. I am also a mentor for people who want to get into fitness. They can contact me on social media and I will help them achieve there dream. 

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