“I Feel Extremely Blessed To Be The First In My country To Bring This Change And Lobby It As Far As I Have. Not Only Am I The First In The UK But Also The First Plus-Size Woman To Start The Movement In India” Bishamber Das




Who is Bishamber?

A wild carefree sensitive soul.


Who are your role models?

Every woman in my life, each one of them has taught me something beautiful in life


What are your hobbies?

Travelling, being one with nature. Spending one on one time with my loved ones.


When you had a stressful day what do you do to relax?

I take a minute to just look at Waheguru’s beauty in all things around me and admire his creation.


You also speak 5 languages, what are they?

English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, German, and vaguely I can speak some Arabic and French.


You are the youngest Asian magistrate in the UK by the age of 22. How did you get into this field?

I have a degree in law and criminology, decided that my heart lay in child protection but I still wanted to remain in the field of law, so applied to be a magistrate and the rest is history.


You were diagnosed with Dyslexia and dyspraxia how did that affect your day to day routine?

I remember the days as a child in reception class not being able to even spell my own name. I struggled for a very long time. I couldn’t even write my ’S’s’ the right way round. I basically displayed the classic signs of a child who has dyslexia. Sadly no teaching professional picked this up in time and it was actually my university lecturer when marking my dissertation suggested to me that I may have it. All my life academically I was left to struggle and work twice as hard than the average student. Finally, as an adult, I had the assessment and they confirmed my diagnosis.


How did you get into the modelling world?


My journey started 6 years ago when I took part in a beauty pageant where I represented the UK against 9 European countries as the only plus-size woman. Since then I have never looked back.


You are the first Asian plus-size model, how does that make you feel?

I feel extremely blessed to be the first in my country to bring this change and lobby it as far as I have. Not only am I the first in the UK but also the first plus-size woman to start the movement in India.


You won the best model at the Plus size awards, how was that for you?

Amazing, being up against so many high profile names, and then being the winner. I owe it to my supporters. It was their votes that got me there.


Do you think the fashion industry needs to do more in Diversity?

Yes, it does especially in getting the recognition ‘we’ deserve. When I mean ‘We’ I mean every Asian/South Asian woman. It’s no secret that the plus-size industry has moved in leaps and bounds over the years for the best to be size inclusive and be true to its consumer. The diversity in size has led me to ask the question how can a brand then go on to be ignorant of racial diversity. Sadly the responsibility of bringing such change always falls on to a person of colour. We should all collectively be responsible for this change. 


You also started Girl Like Me fashion brand tell me about that.


 I have always been passionate about clothing, especially for Indian women. Girl Like Me is one of India’s most fashionable plus size clothing brands for Indian women in India right now.


You also were in Amar Sehmbi’s video how did that happen?


When Amar played the song and asked me to be in it I immediately said yes. Every lyric of the song talks to me. We all have our own struggles in life and fight our own demons. It was an honour to be part of such a motivational and uplifting song.


You aren’t afraid to call people out on weight issues; can you give an example when you have done this?

One example recently was when a Punjabi singer was fat-shaming one of her friends publicly. I gave a statement on this matter and strongly stand by this.

‘Absolutely disgusted at this video! This is the mentality of most people in India! They believe its there given right to bully and belittle someone they call their friend so publicly.

For those of you who don’t understand what’s being said here, this female artist who is openly abusing her friend through ‘humour’ by body-shaming her! The female is being called a ‘dumbo drum’ whatever that’s supposed to mean (the word doesn’t even exist in the English dictionary) but it’s something derogatory towards her!

 Judging from the body language of the lady in question I can see she’s TOTALLY uncomfortable as she starts off saying ‘please don’t’ she then goes on to start making jokes on herself which is a common trait amongst most those who have low self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s always easier and safer to make people laugh by cracking fat jokes about yourself usually further empowering bullies.

I will forever challenge disgusting behaviour like this regardless of who you are! You will never get an individual to lose weight by shaming and disrespecting them.

Our weight-obsessed culture blames the overweight for choosing to be the way they are but for some, this is completely out of their hands! We have no idea what journey a person is on, how hard they may have tried to reduce their body fat, and succeeded or the number of times they may have even failed!

STOP JUDGING another based on their looks PERIOD! You are FAR from perfect yourself! With so many who watch you be a better role model for our people!’


How do you deal with negativity?


I understand that we all create our own karma.  If I do everything with clear intentions then there should be no reason why I should be targeted with negativity, and if I am then I understand that individual is only making their own karma for which they will be accountable.


What is next for Bishamber?


My first Punjabi film Rabba Mainu Maaf Kari

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