Black History Month- With Lathan Dennis Singh

Last month was Black History Month and I sat and spoke to Lathan Dennis Singh about his experience going into Sikhi as a black male. It was one of the most insightful blogs I have done. Lathan was so honest about his experiences. Growing up in Jamaica left to survive at the age of 13 years old whilst his dad moved to the UK and his mother passed away. Lathan was taken in by the Rastafarian community.

But also he was very close friends with Bob Marley and he spoke in depth about him and how his death impacted him. Lathan says his death really hurt him and he remembers where he was when he heard the news.

Below is a video of our interview and it was an amazing please do have a listen and enjoy Lathans journey I didn’t want to give way to much as I want you listen too it.

Lathan Dennis Singh talks about his journey into Sikhi

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