“Abstract PR Is A Creative PR Agency With Event Management Which I Founded Almost Three Years Ago. I Founded It On The Basis Of Representing Real Businesses, Real Brands And Real People Who Are Experts Across A Spectrum Of Industries Who Have Real Value To Add To Society Especially Our Next Generation” Am Golhar

  Who Is Am?  Just a vessel in this world that’s here to teach, serve and help others become the … More

“How Do You Cope With Grief That Has No Beginning Or Ending, I Really Want To Do As Much As I Can To Help Raise Awareness of HBV. I Want To Use My Own Experience To Help Others. I Went Through My Own Experiences And I Am Still Here, I Don’t Want To Ever Forget My Sister” Payzee Malika

  Who is Payzee?  I am an activist and campaigner. I am also an IKWRO ambassador. I also work in … More

“Diversity Brings New Ways Of Thinking Into Any Organisation It Can Breathe Life Into An Organisation, It Can Open The Eyes Of An Organisation” Chief Supt Raj Kohli

  Who is Raj Kohli  Great question, I am a product of the values of my parents and the wider guardians (uncles, aunts, older cousins, my Dadidma); my faith; my experiences growing up and the friends I have. If I am the product of all those things then I would be a happy man because […]

“I Am Chief of Defence People, responsible to Ministers and Chiefs for all central policy for serving personnel (regular and reserve), Civil Servants, families and veterans.  Around 3 million people I have a care for and influence through the CDP policies.  I have a very strong team to support me”. Lt Gen Richard Nugee

        Who Is Lt General Richard Nugee?  A father, a husband and a soldier.  The youngest of … More